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Structured Settlements...
are court awarded cash settlements usually as the result of personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, or wrongful death lawsuit.  In most cases, Structured Settlements result in an annuity-styled payment for some fixed period (including life) in monthly or quarterly installments.  Since circumstances surrounding the award can often change, the recipient of a Structured Settlement may choose to receive a LUMP SUM of CASH rather than the monthly which can be used for...

Providing LUMP SUM CASH for an annuity-styled Structured Settlement can be complex in some instances, even requiring court approval.  Our contract buyers, however, have years of experience in settlements and can assist you in receiving the cash you require even in the most difficult cases.  When purchasing your award, Richter Funding can provide you with a:

Richter Funding can provide you with a FAST CASH QUOTE on your insurance policy for a Structured Settlement.  To receive a quote, simple complete our ONLINE Structured Settlement Quote Form or download our PDF Structured Settlement Quote Form and fax it to our offices at (888) 378-2399.  You'll be glad you did!

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